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Meet the All Critter Sitter team!

All of our sitters, as well as our friendly office staff, are true employees rather than independent contractors. This translates to a higher level of customer satisfaction, as you can rest assured that we have invested the time to find and train the very best individuals to care for your pets.

Each of our employees have been background checked and are insured and bonded through All Critter Sitter.



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Melissa joins All Critter Sitter with a variety of experience with animals.   She has personally owned sugar gliders, skunks and even a tortoise named Isaac; all of which taught her the special requirements of owning an exotic pet.   An avid dog lover, Melissa has volunteered, fostered and adopted her last 3 dogs from Dallas Lab Rescue.   A very special organization close to her heart.   Through the years of many pets, Melissa has gotten quite a bit of experience in giving dogs and cats, pills, eye drops, shots and fluids.   One of Melissa's current labs is a tripod dog who has no idea she is missing a leg.   Melissa loves walking all size dogs but is also happy to stay inside to give those special kitties lots of TLC.   Very comfortable with small critters such as mice, hamsters and reptiles too.   Melissa resides in McKinney with her husband and pups and enjoys family gatherings with lots of food and fun.


Howdy!   My name is Sarah, and I am a born and raised Texan.   I grew up in Collinsville TX, went to high school in McKinney, attended college at U.N.T (Go mean green!) and moved to McKinney this past year.   I am 23 years old and my daughters (A.K.A dogs) consist of one 12 yr. old golden retriever named Mica and one 7 yr. old mixed female lab named Jake.   I love my girls so much I've spoiled them rotten!   I also have a love for other people's animals as well.   I never pass up the chance to meet a new furry /scaly friend, and being a part of the Critter Sitter team is amazing since I get to spend my day taking care of and hanging out with my new buddies!   I take care of each pet like they were my own, making sure they get all the love, attention and care they need while their parents are gone.   I can't wait to become friends with your pet also!


Hi! My name is Mimi. I live in McKinney with my son and our extended family of Dogs and Cats! I have had pets my whole life, including dogs, cats, gerbils and bunnies. My current dogs range from 20lbs to 100lbs, all of which I rescued from SPCA. I love the different personalities I encounter with pets and their unique personalities. As a client myself of All Critter Sitter I know how much it means to know that your pets are in good hands when you are away. Your pets will always be treated as one of my own when they are in my care and given extra love and attention. I am looking forward to meeting you and your furry family members!


My name is Debbie, and I live in Frisco.   I am a special needs teacher’s aide in Frisco ISD.   I currently have 3 dogs of my own which I adore.   I joined the All Critter Sitter team because my kids are grown and I love animals.   I figured this is a great way to meet all sorts of pets and different breeds without having to open my own zoo.   I get excited each time I get new pets to care for.   I enjoy all of them and actually miss them when my time is over.   I care for each one as I would want mine cared for with lots of attention and anything else they may need.   I want them to feel safe and loved even when their family is away.   I look forward to meeting your family and want you to trust that your pets will be well taken care of when you’re away.


Hello!   My name is Mariah.   I live in McKinney and currently attend school at Collin College.   Growing up I have always had some type of animal living with me.   From dogs and cats to bunnies and snakes.   As of right now I have six furry friends living with me.   Four of them are dogs ranging from 14 years old to 6 months.   My Oldest is a Beagle named Ernie.   My second oldest, Rockie, is a 7 year old yellow lab.   After him is Lucy, she is a 6 year old Pit bull English Bulldog mix.   The newest member is Prince, he is a 6 month old Australian Shepard mix.   My other two furry friends are my cats, Floofy and Duchess.   My special love for animals is why I work for this company.   I treat every pet as if they were my own because I know they aren't just pets, they are family.

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You've expended love and time building your relationship with your pet. It's natural that you don't want to upset your pal by extended or sporadic working and travel hours. Relax! You're not a bad pet-parent! And you're not alone! Most pet-lovers are worried about their pets when they're gone. The good news is you absolutely can maintain your love affair with your pet.

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Because you can't be in two places at one time, it's crucial that you find a reliable care-giver for your pet during your absence. Hiring a professional Pet-Service guarantees you peace-of-mind. All Critter Pet Sitter works hard to ensure that your business day or travel is worry and guilt free.

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