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Client Testimonials

We are very thankful to our existing clients for taking the time to share their wonderful words of praise for our testimonials page. We enjoy caring for your family's pets when you're away!

“I am so lucky to have All Critter Sitter as my nanny service for my English Golden Retriever (Cyrus). I travel frequently for work and Charlotte along with her team are always there to make sure Cyrus is well taken care of. They are very punctual, careful when administering medication, and follow instructions to the letter! They also spend a good amount of time giving Cyrus snuggles, taking him on walks and playing ball in the yard with him during his playtime visits. They have even offered to take Cyrus to the vet for me when he was sick because my husband could not take off work - they definitely go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure Cyrus is safe and properly cared for while I am traveling. I trust Charlotte and her team immensely and they always find a way to work around my schedule. I highly recommend them and so does Cyrus!”

Cara E.

Vacation Visits – McKinney, TX

“Since I had never used a pet sitting company before, naturally I was a bit nervous. However from the first moment I met Christina I knew all would be well. My cat Margot took to her right away. Each time Christina visited she sent me text messages and even little videos of Margot. It made my day! Knowing that she was well cared for while we were gone gave me so much peace of mind. Christina even watered our plants, took out our trash and checked our mail! This is a company that understands clients needs and are thorough as well as passionate about their jobs. You can tell by the way in which they perform their duties. I will absolutely be using Christina again and am so thankful for her! And for All Critter Sitter, for caring about our animals as much as you care for your own, a huge thank you!”

Becky S.

Vacation Visits – Frisco, TX

“Todd and I wanted to say a BIG Thank-you for the great job you do with the boys. I know when we are away that you give them lots of loving and that they are well taken care of. They are very happy when we get home and I know that they have had a good time with you. I am so glad that we decided to try your pet sitting service. I feel that the boys (dogs) get to stay in there environment and have a better experience at home. When you board your pets they never get the rest they need and they are stranded in a cage while you’re away having fun. The hassle to get them there and to pick them up is sometimes a chore. Pet sitting is the way to go. It has really minimized our stress when planning to go out of town. I wish that we would have found you a long time ago. I definitely would recommend All Critter Sitter Pet Sitting and your services to anyone who is thinking about using a pet service. I feel that I have done a really good thing for my pets to have you watch them while we are away. Thanks again for everything!”

Annie & Todd

Vacation Visits – Prosper, TX

“I've been using All Critter Sitter for daily visits to my home to care for my Italian Greyhounds since Charlotte went into business. There is absolutely NO ONE that I would trust more that Charlotte and her assistants. She's always on time and always sure to give my girls (4 Italian Greyhounds) lots of love and attention. One of my girls is a 5 month old puppy and is quite the handful. Charlotte frequently has quite the clean up job facing her when she walks in and takes care of everything without complaint. Once, while I was traveling, Charlotte came in to one of my babies being trapped in the gate. She immediately came to her rescue and rushed her to the vet for necessary care. She STAYED with my girl until one of my friends could get there to take over. Charlotte and her crew of All Critter Sitters provides the best care out there.”

Debbie M.

Midday Walks – McKinney, TX

“We have used All Critter Sitter, Charlotte Sherwood, over the last couple of years, and have been extremely satisfied. We have a twelve year old English Setter, Bandit, that loves to see Charlotte. Being retired, we do a number of short trips, and Charlotte, or any of her staff, are always available and dependable. We take each trip with confidence that Bandit is well taken care of. Charlotte also picks up our mail and makes sure the home is secure. All Critter Sitter is a bargain for all the personal attention that is given to Bandit. Charlotte is one of Bandits favorite humans.”

Wayne & Sheri S.

Vacation Visits – McKinney, TX

“We have 4 cats and one was just diagnosed with diabetes right before our trip and knew we would need more than just a friend to come by and feed them. I was incredibly apprehensive about leaving, since it was the first time I had a cat with medical concerns. We interviewed a couple of sitters and from the beginning knew that Charlotte would be the best fit. She is kind, professional, organized and you can tell she takes her work very seriously. She consults with you directly and you know exactly who will be caring for your animals and home. She is easy to keep in touch with either by phone, text or email. She put us at ease and even talked me through how to give my cat insulin injections myself, since I never had before. She is very experienced and we have used her twice now, one 5 day trip and another weekend trip. Each time the house is left perfect, the litter boxes are clean and cats are happy. Now, I have no reservations at all about leaving our cats and home in her care!”

Andrea P.

Vacation Visits – McKinney, TX

“I have had All Critter Sitter care for my dogs for over 1 year and I wanted to share what it meant to me. I needed someone to potty my dogs one time a day due to long hour days. I was referred to All Critter Sitter. After meeting Charlotte I knew that this company is her passion. I can leave everyday and know that everything will be done just as they said. They also leave a notepad of the events of the day, how neat is that! I could not be more thankful to have them.”

Gina C.

Midday Walks – McKinney, TX

“I wanted to give a huge THANK YOU to All Critter Sitter for the AMAZING love and work they provide for my baby! I was referred to them from a friend and have used them for over 2 years now, and never felt more comfortable with the care and love they have given to Wrigley. I have the peace of mind and comfort that when I leave for a trip or stuck at work, that she will be given the best care that I have given her. I never have to worry while I'm gone, and have a good time away knowing she is in good hands. Wrigley knows them by name, and gets so excited when they arrive that she doesn't even care that I'm away! All Critter Sitter is the way to go because your pets are in the comfort of your own home and Charlotte and Chris go out of their way and really love your animal as if it was their own. They have been there for me every time I needed them (including when I locked myself out of my house) and have been able to be there for last minute requests. I was so nervous when I moved out of the area because no one can give her the care and love that they have. They even opened their personal home to take Wrigley in and care for her there when I am gone. Whenever I come to pick Wrigley up, she doesn't even care I'm there because she has made herself at home in their house. I recommend All Critter Sitter to anyone I come in contact with that are in need of pet services. Keep up the great work and THANK YOU so much!”

Blake K.

Vacation Visits – Frisco, TX

“My little critters and I are so very fortunate to have you and your staff to watch over and keep them from harm, extend love, take for walks and give tummy rubs when I am at work and out of town. I don't know what I would do without you, Christina and Melissa. I never ever have to worry about Hadley or Maxim, and I know that they are loved like they belong to you. I remember so often the times that you guys went beyond the call of duty to clean up unexpected accidents and puppy destruction at my house. I've been home before when Christina has come to walk Hadley, and the sheer joy on that dog's face is just pure love - he thinks she's his girlfriend. We now welcome Melissa, too!! Should you guys ever move, we will have to follow!!! Thanks for all of the love and care!!!!”

Patti S.

Midday Walks – McKinney, TX

“I am so thankful for All Critter Sitter! They have been caring for Minnie and Oliver for about 4 months, taking them out for daily walks, making sure their food water bowl is fresh, giving out the occasional bone and of course giving a generous number of belly rubs. Every day I come home from work to a nice note in our pet journal telling a little bit about their day. They tell me when one of them has gotten into some trouble with a trash can or a shoe. They clean up any noticeable accidents from our puppy Oliver. Most of all they allow me the security of knowing I can work late when I have to without the anxiety of pets holding their business at home. I especially appreciate their Full Service pet sitting when I travel on business. Even on last minute notice, All Critter Sitter is there to step in and help my dogs anytime my work calls me out of town. I have always been able to let them know when travel plans change and adjust the schedule to take care of Minnie and Oliver until I get home to them. The dogs are so much less anxious when they are taken care of in their own home in my opinion. No more hours spent calming them down from being boarded. All Critter Sitter is a great service and a value to any business professional with pets.”

Craig B.

Midday Walks – McKinney, TX