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Finding the Perfect Pet Can Be Easy, But There’s Lots to Consider!

We have a talented team of professional sitters who can’t wait to meet you and your fur baby McKinney, Allen, Frisco, North Plano, Fair view, Lucas, and Prosper, Texas. We care for dogs, cats, horses, exotics, hamsters, birds… any critter!   Meet our talented team of professional sitters.

What makes All Critter Sitter unique to your needs?

You’re the most important part of your pet’s care plan. You know your pet better than anyone, so we work with you to create a care plan to fit your pet’s lifestyle! Pets are happier when they are safe and secure at home, in their own environment, and I know that you, the pet owner, feel relaxed knowing that your pet is taken care of by a loving, responsible, experienced pet-sitter.

We’ll walk your dog, let them out for potty-breaks, keep your new puppy on schedule, play with your cats, scoop the litter-box, play with your bird, feed your fish, and even check on your home to give it that ‘lived-in look’ by rotating lights, bringing in mail, watering plants while you’re on vacation or away for work!

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Insured and Bonded

Frequently Asked Questions
Special needs pets?

No Problem! Our sitters have experience with special needs animals and can administer injections, fluids, pills, and any additional requests you have for caring for your family’s pets.

How do I get started with All Critter Sitter?

Service begins with a “get-acquainted” interview in your home. Together we assess your special needs and develop an individualized pet care program. After the initial interview our servicing can begin. All Critter Sitter will meet all the demands of your pet and home.

Make your reservation on our site and All Critter Sitter will email you over forms to fill out prior to our initial meet and greet. We will go over any questions or concerns you may have during the meeting and the forms will be collected that time along with two (2) house keys.

Once All Critter Sitter has your forms, codes (alarm, if needed) and keys any future reservations are made through the website link, an invoice is emailed over confirming your reservation and all you have to do is leave a check on the counter to be collected on our initial visit.

Will I always have the same sitter each time I schedule a visit?

Yes and no. When you book services with All Critter Sitter, for your initial consultation meeting we will send a primary and a backup sitter to meet with you.

While we cannot guarantee that the specific sitter will be available whenever you may book future service, we can guarantee each and every one of our talented sitters are insured, bonded and will care for your precious babies like they are one of their own.

Why an In-Home Service for your pet?

Familiar Environment: Your pet remains at home and receives the loving care it has become accustomed to. No barking of other dogs, unfamiliar smells, or cages/runs they are not comfortable in.

Less Risk to your Pet’s Health: Prevents those problems so often associated with kennels and relocating a pet, such as infections and change of diet (including water!), as well as stress.

Worry Free and Convenient: There is no longer any need to transport your pet to a kennel or to impose on friends and family. If your flight is late or there is traffic on the way home, you simply call or text All Critter Sitter and let us know you need an extra visit, we’ll confirm it with you and your pet will be cared for. With our service you can be sure that your pet(s) and home are in professional hands.

Do you have time specific appointments?

No, we do not have time specific appointments. Due to sitters daily routes, scheduling and availability we use a two hour window time frame.

What happens if my pet becomes ill while I'm away?

All Critter Sitter will do its best to ensure your pet has a happy stay. There is always the chance that your pet could need veterinary care. If this happens, we will contact you or your emergency contact, and your own vet wherever practical. If circumstances require immediate action and your vet is not available, we will contact the vet closest to your home that we have a working relationship with.

We have established affiliations with highly qualified vets throughout our area, ensuring that your pet has access to medical treatment 24 hours a day, including the Emergency Care vet at 121/Custer Rd.

Be Confident & Worry free

You’ve expended love and time building your relationship with your pet. It’s natural that you don’t want to upset your pal by extended or sporadic working and travel hours. Relax! You’re not a bad pet-parent! And you’re not alone! Most pet-lovers are worried about their pets when they’re gone. The good news is you absolutely can maintain your love affair with your pet.

FAQ's for Reliable Pet Care

Because you can’t be in two places at one time, it’s crucial that you find a reliable care-giver for your pet during your absence. Hiring a professional Pet-Service guarantees you peace-of-mind. All Critter Pet Sitter works hard to ensure that your business day or travel is worry and guilt free.